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WB2EU Public Debate & Europaclub Spezial: Is EU enlargement back on track? Moving towards a democratic and united Europe, 9 October 2023
At the conclusion of our three-year Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Network project on Europeanisation, democratisation and strengthening of civil society in the Western Balkans (WB2EU), coordinated with the oiip and in cooperation with 15 partners from all over Europe, we want to discuss current developments, obstacles, and perspectives of the EU enlargement and reform process.


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Media and minorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: a path towards an inclusive and democratic society
By: Sarina Bakić
The author of this Policy Brief presents a broader overview of some of the most significant aspects regarding the role of media in building democracy in terms of the reinforcement and affirmation of minorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whether as a result of ethnic background, religious belief, sexual orientation, geographic location, income level, etc. Once the mentioned media’s support and affirmation of minorities is accomplished, such groups can effusively participate in and contribute to this country's institutions and society in general. This is an attempt to revive and reconsider the issue related to minority cultural identities and communication via media in the context of the democratisation process in general. It is very much needed to open new discussions related to media and democracy due to the current global political crisis that is reflecting in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s media sphere as well.