ÖGfE Post-election survey shows a clear commitment to EU membership in Austria

An ÖGfE survey conducted the day after the European elections shows a clear commitment to EU membership among Austrians. 76 percent of respondents were in favor of Austria remaining a member of the European Union. 17 percent said that Austria should leave the European Union, while 7 percent did not comment.

Compared to a previous ÖGfE survey from March 2024, the approval of EU membership has increased by 11 percentage points (PP). The number of those who want to leave the EU has declined by 6 PP as it is the case with those who are undecided or did not respond (- 5 PP). The current level of support for EU membership is the highest since December 2017, a similarly low level of those favoring an EU exit was recorded in September 2020.

“The outcome of the EU elections in Austria is also an indicator of the satisfaction with national and European politics. In any case, our post-election analysis shows that support for Austria’s EU membership is undisputed and is particularly high ‘the day after”, says ÖGfE Secretary General Paul Schmidt.

“Many used the EU elections to express their frustration and criticism how issues like security, asylum and migration, rising prices and inflation are dealt with – which is reflected not least in an increase in votes for parties on the right of the political spectrum. Nevertheless, for the vast majority these challenges are best tackled in a joint and coordinated manner – not alone. However, to ensure the high level of approval of EU membership to remain stable over a longer period of time, comprehensible and tangible solutions are needed.”

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The current survey was conducted by market (www.market.at) on 10 June 2024 on behalf of ÖGfE. 775 persons were interviewed online (representative of the Austrian population aged 16 – 80 years / weighted according to gender, age, education and region). Maximum fluctuation range approx. +/- 3.59 percent.