ÖGfE survey: The ongoing Corona pandemic has a negative impact on Austrians‘ opinion on the EU

The ongoing Corona pandemic and the slow supply of vaccines has its impact on Austrians‘ opinion on EU membership, a new ÖGfE survey shows.

In the survey, carried out in February 2021, 66 percent are in favor of Austria remaining a member of the European Union while 18 percent would prefer our country to leave the EU. 16 percent answer “don’t know” or give no response. Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, approval of EU membership has declined by 7 percentage points. The number of those who speak out in favor of leaving the Union has risen by 5 percentage points (from 13 to 18 percent).

A total of 53 percent say that they are “rather not” (28 percent) or “not at all” (25 percent) satisfied with the measures taken by the European Union when it comes to cushioning the economic consequences of the Corona pandemic. A third of respondents, on the other hand, say that they are “very” (4 percent) or “somewhat” (30 percent) satisfied. 13 percent answer “don’t know” or do not respond.

Respondents are currently divided on the best way to get COVID19 vaccines. 42 percent believe that it would have been better if each EU member state had ordered vaccines on its own. 37 percent believe that the joint procurement of vaccines via the EU was the right way to do. About a fifth cannot comment on this question (21 percent “don’t know / no answer”).

Half of the respondents are in favor of a joint EU vaccination certificate, which shows whether the person concerned has already been vaccinated against the Corona virus. A third think this is a bad idea (17 percent “don’t know / no answer”).


The current survey was conducted by market (www.market.at) from 8 – 10 February 2021 on behalf of ÖGfE. 500 persons were interviewed online (representative of the Austrian population aged 16 – 80 years / weighted according to gender, age, education and region). Maximum fluctuation range approx. +/- 4.48 percent.