A new President for the USA: a geopolitical event for Europe?

On 3 November the American popultion will cast their vote between the acting Republican President Donald Trump and Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party Joe Biden.

The outcome of the US Election 2020 will influence future cooperaton between the EU and the world largest economy and and leading military power. Donald Trumps first term as President has forced Europe to partially re-examine its geopolitical role in terms of trade, climate, security and financial matters. Will this process now continue, slow down or accelerate? What does the outcome of the US-Elections mean for Europe’s strategic positioning towards China and Russia, towards the Paris Climate Agreement, the deployment of 5G or the stability in the Middle East?

*This livestream was recorded before the election results.



Caroline de Gruyter
Europe Correspondent, NRC Handelsblad, Netherlands

Teresa Eder
Journalist, Washington D.C., USA

Martin Selmayr
Head of European Commission Office in Austria

Trevor D. Traina
Ambassador of the United States of America to Austria

Paul Schmidt, Secretary General, Austrian Society for European Politics