Joint Solutions for Common Challenges – Cross-Border Cooperation in the Refugee Crisis


Faculty of Social Sciences University Ljubljana
Central European University


01/02/2016 – 31/01/2017

The uncoordinated approaches of the respective governments in Central Europe in dealing with the increased arrivals of refugees during summer and autumn 2015 has put the region into the spotlight of media attention. With the closure of the Balkan route in March 2016 and the implementation of the EU-Turkey action plan the numbers of arrivals have decreased. However, those expecting these steps to be the solution of the refugee and migration question will be severely disillusioned.

Five independent institutes from Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia have therefore come up with a series of recommendations to improve cross-border understanding and cooperation. A particular focus has thereby been laid on civil society players, which provided help to refugees in all five countries from the onset of the crisis, but find it difficult to get their narrative heard.

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