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ÖGfE-Survey: After the Brexit-vote – Desire to leave the EU is decreasing in Austria

“The political and economic turbulences in the United Kingdom after the Brexit-vote have already left their impact on the public opinion in Austria. The desire among Austrians to leave the European Union decreased instantly by 8 percentage points. A stable majority in Austria continues to support its EU-membership.”, says Paul Schmidt, Secretary General of the Austrian Society for European Politics (ÖGfE), analyzing the results of a current ÖGfE-survey.

 61 percent of Austrians presently believe that Austria should remain a member of the EU. 23 percent favor leaving the EU. 16 percent do not take a position. Compared to the last survey, which was conducted at the end of April and the beginning of May 2016, the number of membership supporters remained largely unchanged (plus 1 percentage point), while the number of membership opponents decreased by 8 percentage points (“unsure”/ “don’t know” has increased by 7 percentage points).

A total number of 51 Austrian-wide ÖGfE-surveys since 1995 indicate that – despite fluctuations – Austrians in favor of EU-membership have continuously formed a clear majority. On average the number of membership supporters has been at around 70 percent versus 23 percent of objectors. The highest support for EU-membership was recorded in June/July 2002 (80 percent), the strongest wish to leave the EU in June/July 2008 (33 percent).

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The current survey was conducted from 30 June to 5 July 2016 by the Sozialwissenschaftliche Studiengesellschaft on behalf of ÖGfE. 530 persons were questioned via telephone (Austrian population from the age of 16 / weighted according to sex, age and education). Maximum margin of fluctuation approx. +/- 4,3 percent.

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