ÖGfE survey: Brexit and the future relations between the EU and the UK

Austrians regret the UK leaving the European Union but doubt that other countries will follow the British example, a current survey by the Austrian Society for European Politics finds.

In the nationwide survey conducted from January 16 to 23, 2020, 58 percent of Austrians state that they regret Britain’s departure from the European Union. 8 percent welcome this step, 23 percent say it doesn’t matter to them. A tenth of the respondents did not comment on this.

More than two thirds of the respondents (68 percent) consider it “rather unlikely” (42 percent) or “very unlikely” (26 percent) that other member states will leave the Union in the near future. 16 percent, on the other hand, consider this to be “very” (4 percent) or “rather likely” (12 percent). [12 percent: “don’t know/no answer”]

A majority of Austrians view the development of  the future relations between the EU and Great Britain with uncertainty or skepticism. 14 percent fear that EU-UK relations will develop positively, while 46 percent expect the opposite. Four out of ten respondents cannot comment on this question.


The survey was conducted by Sozialwissenschaftliche Studiengesellschaft (SWS) from 16 to 23 January 2020 on behalf of ÖGfE (Tel SWS 289). 506 persons were interviewed by telephone (representative of the Austrian population aged 16 and older / weighted according to gender, age and education). Maximum fluctuation range approx. +/- 4.4 percent.