Europeanisation meets democracy from below: The Western Balkans on the search for new European and democratic Momentum (WB2EU)

Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Networks Project (621247-EPP-1-2020-1-AT-EPPJMO-NETWORK)

The next few years will be decisive for the democratic and European future of the Western Balkans.
In addition to a credible enlargement perspective and a positive enlargement narrative, which needs to be reinvented and reinvigorated, it is vital to support rule of law, civil dialogue, pluralism and the fight against corruption as well as the social dimension. It is crucial to invest more in social inclusion, to support the broad vision of just and democratic societies, which needs to include various bottom-up initiatives and actors.

Our “WB2EU network” will activate / connect / research / disseminate and create joint output on the defined topics by bringing together academia, civil society and relevant stakeholders on national, regional and EU level.

Key points:

  • reform, consolidate and reenergise EU Enlargement until 2025 and beyond
  • mobilise, support and engage with progressive and emancipatory forces from below (movements, citizens, local initiatives) that are truly European and pro-democratic
  • enhance youth and alternative voices and forces in the society
  • strengthen social dimension, rule of law and justice in the region
  • connect young and senior researchers, scholars, representatives of civil society, national and EU institutions, stakeholders, policy-makers, and citizens engaged in pro-democratic initiatives (local/regional/national)

This project is co-funded by the European Commission under its Erasmus+ Jean Monnet programme.




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