“Next Generation Europe”
Regaining new European and democratic momentum


Blick auf einen Sonnenuntergang in einer Bucht in Cres (Kroatien)

The “CRES Summer School” for “Next Generation Europe” has taken place since 2022 every year in September on the beautiful island of Cres in Croatia. The topic always focuses on current developments in Europe and crucial questions about the future of Europe.

Idea & Background

As part of our Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Network Project “Europeanisation meets democracy from below: The Western Balkans on the search for new European and democratic Momentum” (WB2EU), which consisted of 17 renowned think tanks, higher education institutes, and policy centres from the countries decisive for the enlargement process, we organised a Summer School.

All network partners nominated active young civic activists, students, and researchers for participation in the “Summer School”. The main goal was to

1) increase interest and understanding of the topic of Europeanisation and democracy in the Western Balkans among young researchers and better opportunities to carry out specific research on the subject for young researchers.

2) establish new ties and networks between (young) researchers and civic activists to raise mutual understanding for democracy and Europeanisation.

3) find new ways of influencing public debates through qualified, evidence-based, and yet politically engaged activities.

4) to increase opportunities in terms of employability and career development.

So, the first Summer School took place in September 2022 at the beautiful premises of the University of Rijeka on the island of Cres in Croatia. It was a very positive experience, out of which a further network of 17 young experts from 13 different countries has established itself. A tangible outcome of these seven days was a joint op-ed, which the group had worked on, and 21 videos with statements by all participants and some of the speakers.


Future goals

One of the important takeaways of this EU project is the intention to keep supporting the “next generation” and organise a Summer School at Cres on a yearly basis. The aim is to support a new generation of young European experts, scholars, activists, and engaged citizens in their work for a new Europe and new European togetherness. The interaction will provide – young researchers and activists – with knowledge, experience, and skills relevant for their professional futures and the future of Europe.


Output & further Information

WB2EU Summer School 2022 / Op-ed 2022 / Videos 2022
CRES Summer School 2023 / Op-ed 2023 / Videos 2023

Susan Milford-Faber, Kreis-Portrait

Susan Milford-Faber

Cres Summer School